Bathroom Fan Starts Slowly: Why and How to Fix It

It has just been a while since you took a bath or a shower. Putting on the bathroom exhaust fan will help it to work efficiently. The fan doesn’t seem to turn on for a long time after flipping the switch. Bathroom walls and floors are soaked by moisture all the time. 

Bathroom fans may not start quickly for many reasons, such as faulty switches, frozen dampers, or delays in the fan’s start-up. It’s usually easy to resolve the issue of your fan starting slowly once you discover the cause.

Bathroom Fan Starts Slowly Why and How to Fix It

In order to prevent mold and water damage from entering your bathroom, you must identify what is causing the fan to start slowly.

Why Do Bathroom Fans Start Slowly?

Delayed Start

Panasonic’s bathroom fan delay start is one example of a fan manufacturer that included a delayed start system. There are usually delay systems installed so that electricity can be saved or sensors can determine if the fan can continue to operate. It’s best to check whether your fan has a delayed start system since most fans don’t.

Debris or No Lubrication

The cleaning and maintenance of bathroom fans are often neglected. Your fan blades can become clogged with dust and debris, making them hard to turn. You may also experience a slow start due to bushings that allow your fan blades to spin not being lubricated for many years.

Bad Switch

If your fan switch is old, faulty, or not working correctly, it may cause your fan to not turn on or off. Humming noises are often a sign that your switch has gone bad if there’s no movement of your fan after you flip the switch on.

Frozen Damper

It is possible for your damper to freeze while still open in extremely cold weather. When the damper is closed, cold air cannot enter your bathroom because it allows air brought in by your fan to exit.

It is possible that the cold air that enters your fan through an open damper can cause your fan’s motor to have trouble starting. Most frozen dampers can be fixed by waiting for warmer weather or manually closing them.

How to Fix a Bathroom Fan That Is Taking a While to Start

Adjusting a Delayed Start System

In addition to the model number and manufacturer, your bathroom fan should be imprinted with a date and serial number. The delay start system in your fan can be determined by using that information. The exact way to adjust the delayed start can be found in the fan’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer.

Lubricating and Removing Debris

The fan should be unscrewed from the ceiling and the cover removed in order to be cleaned. To prevent dust from entering your eyes and lungs, you should wear a dust mask and eye protection.

The fan shaft and bushings can be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth and a toothbrush, then lubricated with a few drops of lubricating oil. Find out which lubricating oil is best for your fan by contacting the manufacturer. Reinstall your fan after the oil has dried.

Replacing a Bad Switch

It is possible to replace your fan’s switch if you have determined that it is the cause of your problems. In order to avoid any electrical hazards, you should turn off all power to the bathroom.

Most switches require a few screws and wires to be removed before they can be removed. The switch can be replaced by a professional if you feel uncomfortable working around electricity.

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