How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan [Step-by-Step Guide]

Fans in the bathroom are necessary, but they are often forgotten to be cleaned. Several types of residential products have been produced by NuTone, including electric heaters, doorbells, and bathroom exhaust fans.

However, bathroom fans need to be cleaned regularly regardless of the manufacturer. It is easy to forget about bathroom fans, and they rarely get cleaned until they malfunction. Our fans can’t function properly if they are clogged with dust and other debris.

How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan

The moisture in your home can fester into mold if your fan isn’t working properly. NuTone bathroom fans are discussed in this article. Here is a step-by-step cleaning guide and a list of tools you will need. This process can be used to clean most NuTone fans, regardless of whether they have lights.

Here we go.

How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan

Tools You Will Need

  • Masks for protecting against dust
  • Wearing protective eyewear
  • Handheld Brush (A handheld Dyson vacuum with a brush attachment works even better)
  • The screwdriver
  • An adjustable or crescent wrench
  • A rag or cloth

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1.

Make sure your fan is turned off before you begin cleaning to prevent electrocution. For a short period of time, turn off your fan if you have a light in it.

Step 2.

Cover the fan with a cloth and remove it. Squeeze one or both ends of the NuTone fan cover and pull down to remove it.

Step 3.

It will still be hanging there in the air after you remove the cover from the ceiling. You can remove the cover completely by squeezing the two V-shaped clamps at each end.

Step 4.

It’s time to clean the cover now that it’s been removed. The cover can be cleaned with a handheld brush and a Dyson vacuum with a brush attachment, or with a handheld brush as well. In addition to cleaning the cover while it was still on the ceiling, you could have also cleaned it while it was hanging.

Step 5.

The fan blades and housing need to be cleaned now that the cover has been cleaned.

Step 6.

Remove the light bulb from your NuTone fan if it has one.

Step 7.

A power plug will be located on the housing of the fan. It needs to be disconnected.

Step 8.

A flathead screwdriver can be used to remove the metal plate that holds your fan to the ceiling. During this process, the fan blade, the housing motor, and the plate will all be removed.

Step 9.

You can usually clean the fan blades and housing with a brush and rag.

Step 10.

Start by reattaching the cover, and then the power cord, light bulb, and plate.

Step 11.

You should have better ventilation and clean air flowing through your fan if you run it and test it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bathroom exhaust fans really need to be cleaned?

Dust will build up over time if you do not clean your vents and the fan’s suction power will suffer. The buildup can also prematurely cause the motor to fail due to the extra work the fan has to do.

How often should you clean your bathroom exhaust fan?

It is not necessary to clean your bathroom exhaust fan frequently, but you should clean it once a year at least.

How much does a new NuTone bathroom exhaust fan cost?

A NuTone Fan can be purchased for between $100 and $300. However, if you want a unit with a light, the price will depend on the size of your bathroom.

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