What are the benefits of installing a ceiling fan in a children’s room?

Installing a modern ceiling fan in a room with a baby is the best way to protect him from the heat and help him enjoy a cool room.

What are the benefits of installing a ceiling fan in a children's room

It is not advisable to install an air conditioner in a children’s room since it dries out the environment and adjusts the temperature in a forced way, while a ceiling fan promotes air circulation and cools without causing any danger since it is created by natural evaporation from the skin. 

According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine , babies who sleep with a ceiling fan are 72% less likely to die from sudden death syndrome. By circulating the air, the fan prevents carbon dioxide from collecting in the room. 

Under a ceiling fan, can babies sleep? Absolutely. The fan does not pose any danger to children. Its blades provide a breeze to keep the room at the right temperature so that children can enjoy the fresh air and avoid the heat of summer nights without changing their body temperatures.

What are the benefits of installing a ceiling fan in a children’s room?

– The fan produces pink noise, which helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Children sleep better when they can hear pink noise, such as the sound of rain or the blades of a ceiling fan slicing through the air.

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The fan circulates air throughout the room, preventing the sensation of heat while you sleep.

In the event that the baby rolls over, it can help stimulate continuous breathing.

 Tips for installing a design ceiling fan:

When the child is sleeping, place a ceiling fan that allows the blades of the fan to be turned to either a winter or summer position, so that the airflow can be controlled according to the season.

If you keep the fan at a low or medium speed, the noise will not be very intense, but constant, so you will get the pink noise you need to drift off.

It is not advisable to hang streamers or other items from ceiling fans, as they could cause injury.

To prevent dust from moving further, clean the blades regularly.

Ceiling fans can distract babies, did you know that?

Baby imaginations are amazing, and we know they love things that move and make noise, like crib mobiles. Infants do not yet have a well-developed sense of sight, so they are attracted to things with light, movement, and contrast, such as ceiling fans.

A moving object or an object with a higher contrast will stimulate a baby’s rapidly developing brain more intensely than a static object. 

So now you know, that if you are thinking about updating your home from Modern Fan, we recommend a designer ceiling fan for your home. They will enjoy the feeling of freshness without altering the room temperature, which is a common cause of colds.

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